Car Insurance Scams – Project Whiplash leads to 37 Arrests – News Report

Beware of insurance fraud artists and extortionists while driving! A couple of weeks after the auto insurance scam incident involving Herman Sham and Raguruban Yogarajah, Toronto Police arrest 37 people in the GTA under Insurance Fraud charges. The operation was called Project Whiplash. There was some debate on whether or not Raguruban Yogarajah intentionally hit Herman Sham but CTV news used the incident as an example of auto insurance scams. Watch the video of the original dash cam incident here: Watch the previous news report here:
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Is it me? Or is the ongoing argument that the individual mandate in Obamacare is somehow the same as some states requiring proof of insurance when registering an automobile just absurd?Can you imagine if buying car insurance was actually similar to what’s in Obamacare? It would be like absurdist theater.

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  1. harrogateweddingcars

    ecar is a deceitful untrustworthy company who are presently under investigation by the Metropolitan Police.If you have had problems with them call Consumer Direct tel: 08454 040 506 (ask them to call you back if you do not like 0845 numbers they will call you right back) they will take all details and have the Trading Standards call you within 7-days.Also remember these scumbags also have ebike evan ehouse elet do the reviews on all those sites too just put “insurance review after each!!!

  2. breezeman199

    Most of the scammers are non-whites.

  3. jblackrupert

    0:40 The GTA is also the TAMIL capitol of Canada

  4. Sources say that raguruban yogarajah has been charged with the following 3 counts:

    - FRAUD over $5000
    - Attempted Fraud
    - Public Mischief

    Very very nice criminal charges … let’s see how he can get off with that???? hahaha …

  5. The next Obama mandate will be ” Every American will buy a new Volt car”

  6. Great video.

  7. Far Too Logical. Dems/Libs Hate Logic!! LOL.

  8. What a good skit. The guy trying to cancel his insurance is handsome and has nice big arms too.

  9. megarational

    Illogical attempt to show a difference between auto insur & h. insur.
    It’s not different, it’s the same.
    You buy auto insurance because you choose to drive.
    You buy h. insurance, or pay a slightly higher tax, because you choose to live, and if you are living in the US & have an accident or illness too expensive for you to fix, you go to the emergency ward & every taxpayer is on the hook for the cost of your health care.

    The makers of this video attempted to look “smart” & instead look stupid.

  10. megarational

    @mcc13gmail Your example of the person who was drunk and wanted to buy auto insur after he had an accident is actually an argument FOR the health care reforms.
    Under the health care reforms everyone contributes to the cost of h.c., either through buying insur or paying a slightly higher tax, even if they have never been sick or injured.

  11. megarational

    @kimberly4064 Idiot.Medical tourism in the US is not new, and has been increasing exponentially due to the high cost of US health care.

    Health care costs as a % of GDP and per capita is almost double what it is in other advanced nations, despite the fact that America is the only one that leaves millions without health care coverage.

  12. megarational

    If you choose to drive, you must buy car insurance.

    Similarly, if you choose to live, you are in the health care market (a “driver” to use a metaphor). You are in the health care market because if you get ill or have an accident you go to the emergency ward and that’s paid for by everyone.
    To ensure everyone is covered, everyone who can must contribute, either via taxes or insurance..

  13. kimberly4064

    Because of Obamacare mandates many insurance companies are now offering medical tourism programs for employers to switch their employees onto. Many employers feel forced to switch in order to afford the Obamacare mandates. Unfortunately, Americans are being butchered abroad in these third world countries. Want to see what path Americans will be headed on ? Click on my name and watch my brief video ” medical tourism nightmare in San Jose Costa Rica ” This needs to be stopped !

  14. Stop with the long intros and get to the point, Liberals I send this to are closing the window before the CG has finished and anyone begins speaking.

  15. They should have another guy come in at the end and say, “I was drunk driving and had three hit and run accidents and ran over two pedestrians before I drove into a McDonald’s. Can I buy auto insurance to cover those expenses, the legal fees, and so I can buy a brand new car?”

    Then the insurance salesman says, “Absolutely, under the government regulations we have to cover you and pay for pre-existing accidents, and best of all you will pay the exact same low premium as this guy.”

  16. GDxGeneralKael

    The laugh track is there to demonstrate the dryness of British humor. It’s not meant to display actual comedic value. Chill.

    Great video.

  17. BernardASU2009

    Wow, I hit the like button and it went from 18 to 17, imagine that. For an Andy Rooney moment, have you ever notice that most conservative leaning YouTube clips are stuck on 319 views. My favorite, the Russian who demonstrates all kinds of weaponry has a clip stuck on 319 views, but has over 24,000 likes!  These Libs, you are not fooling anyone.

  18. @jepst41 One thing people forget when comparing health vs. auto insurance is that only liability auto insurance (the part that compensates the other guy if you cause a wreck) is required by law. Insurance to cover your own automobile loss is optional.

  19. Ah-Oh it appears that RedTory59 is having a bad day and doesn’t see the awesomeness of this parody. Poor RedTory59 .

  20. Monty Python never had a laugh track. They didn’t need one because, unlike your parody, it was actually funny.

  21. Very good illustration of the false equivalency between health and auto insurance that the left is trying to push on us. Nicely done.

  22. Awesome!